Rise above the noise.
Tune in to the sound of grace.

Decibel is where our young adults (< 35 years old) find authentic relationship with the Lord and others within community. We’re all about tuning out the noise of the world and leaning in to the still small voice of our Savior who guides us through the Holy Spirit. 

Our tagline around these parts is—come as you are, and leave a better version of yourself in Christ. 

We’re here to walk the journey with those navigating the challenges of adulthood, to help them anchor their faith in the unshakable foundation of an intimate, true relationship with the Lord. And help them live boldly, courageously, and generously—such that those around will see Christ through them.

What's the latest?

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Decibel Night Unplugged​

Wednesday, Feb 9, 7.30PM CT @ FRISCO CAMPUS

Decibel Night Unplugged is where you will be able to hang out with other young adults and receive a word in season from the Lord. The foyer is where all the fun begins so come early, make some new friends, bring some old ones along and we’ll see you!

Josh Holohan

Young adult pastor

Decibel is led by Pastor Josh Holohan. Pastor Josh has a contagious enthusiasm for the things of God and loving people. Originally from Long Island, New York, he and his wife Lindsay have two children, Isabella and Noah. Pastor Josh now mentors and inspires the young adults of GRC to live purposeful lives anchored on the grace of God.